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The Chantry Well, Huyton

These words occur on the 1848 six-inch ordnance map close to some old cottages, about one hundred yards to the north of the church. They have recently been pulled down. The well, when I saw it (in April, 1900), was a walled-in dipping well, on the east side of the lane, running due north from Huyton village. It does not appear to be known why the well has its present designation, but Baines states that two chantries were founded here, the first by John de Winwick, rector of Wigan, in 1350 (dedicated to the Virgin); the other by his brother, Richard de Winwick, rector of Walton-on-the-Hill (dedicated to S. Michael the Archangel). Possibly, chantry priests lived in the cottages.


  1. Paul okeeffe says:

    I am trying ti find informatipn about the royal british legion building archway rd huyton,its former uses and old pictures

    • Martin says:

      Hi Paul,

      I’ve not found any photos of this building, but looking at the old maps it seems that this building was originally a private house. When Huyton first expanded from a small village a row of large houses was built along this road. Smaller houses were built along the other roads out of Huyton, and a large area known as Huyton Park grew up to the south of the village.

      Huyton in 1881, with the present British Legion building circled.


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