Historic Parishes (1851)

This is a map of all the parishes in the Liverpool area and slightly beyond, as they were in 1851, plus some Anglican churches from the era.

There is scant information at the moment (much taken from David Lewis’s excellent The Churches of Liverpool), but this will be added to over time.

When you read when a church was ‘built’, this might mean it was opened, or completed, or consecrated, depending on the information I have to hand. These events, of course, might all have occurred in the same year anyway.

When I state when it was ‘demolished’, this might mean it closed that year and no further history is known. It implies the church building is no longer there. Churches which are no longer used for services, but still exist, are not labelled as demolished.

Sometimes I have had to give a year when it is only roughly known, and this is mentioned in the notes.

You can search for a parish using the magnifying glass icon, and click on ‘Show churches‘ see some of the places of worship.

9 responses to “Historic Parishes (1851)”

  1. John Viggars says:

    http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/ & go to Parishes in Lancashire tab?

    Is this helpful or am I stating the obvious?

    • Martin says:

      Hi John,

      That’s fantastic! I don’t know why that didn’t come up in my searches last week. It’s got a grid reference and everything. Thanks for that. Nothing’s too obvious for me! 🙂


  2. iain Taylor says:

    The map seems to me to be one of the Wards of Lp Borough between 1833 and c. 1895 .

    Iain Taylor

  3. teresa smith says:

    Where was Ascot st in 1899 please, my ancestor died in number 28 sub district of St Martin

  4. Vera Kellett says:

    Looking for possibly Stables around Leycester Street in the 1850-1890s my great, great, grandparents were team owners and had horses that also delivered goods to the docks and pulled trams. They also had stables at 20 Whittle Street Kirkdale
    Any information would be much appreciated. Owners name was Catherine Bigley

  5. Paula Snape says:

    I’m looking for Sandy’s Lane, Toxteth Park – I’m researching my family tree and I’ve discovered that my great great grandfather lived there in 1881
    They were O’Briens (sometimes went by Brown O’Brien)

  6. Peter Thompson says:

    looking for friends we meet on a cruise last month Ann and her brother Robert they live in a village in Liverpool originally only rented out to members of the Roman Catholic faith Ann looks after Robert who has some health problems and has a job as a dinner lady in the local school. Unfortunately did not get there details before leaving Malta

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