Ancient Crosses

Knotty Cross

From The Ancient Crosses of Lancashire by Henry Taylor:

These words occur on the six-inch ordnance map at the intersection of roads one-third of a mile south-east from the centre of Gateacre village and about half a mile in a north-easterly direction from Much Woolton Church.

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  • Hello I am looking for an old map of Little Woolton, nd in particular ‘ Peck Mill House which would be in the area
    just need know where abouts it would have been


    • Hi Joan,

      According the Victoria County History (VCH) of Lancashire, Peck Mill House only survived until the beginning of the 19th century, but it survived long enough to make it onto the 1849-50 Ordnance Survey. If you went to the site today you would be on the end of Lingford Close in Netherley, which is just within the boundary of Little Woolton. I’ve reproduced the old map below (click for a larger version):


  • Jennifer McCormick


    has Knotty Cross always been that name.


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