There are many sources of historical data available online these days. Historic England supplies data about listed buildings and scheduled monuments, for example.

I’ve used this data, as well as data I’ve created myself, to make these maps. You can click on the points and shapes on the map to find out more about the topic.

Most popular maps

These first maps are great for local and family history research.

Find a street, read about one of Liverpool’s historic townships, or lookup a church and parish, as things stood in the 19th century.

Historic Townships

Explore the local histories of the suburbs, as well as the centre of Liverpool itself.

Read township histories

Historic Parishes (1851)

This is a map of all the parishes in the Liverpool area and slightly beyond, as they were in 1851. There are also some Anglican churches from the era.

You can see details about when they were built (and demolished) when that information is known.

Find old parishes

Old Streets of Liverpool

This is a map of all the old streets of Liverpool within the boundary of Queens Drive, as they were before vast swathes were demolished in the 20th century.

You can search for a road using the box in the top left of the map.

Locate an old street

Other interactive maps

These other maps are more specific, and so are worth spending some time browsing.

The maps are often made up of data made by heritage organisations, and the sources are linked to where appropriate, so you can make your own version of the map!

Clicking on the dots on the map sometimes takes you to the source too, so they’re a great jumping-off point for local or family history research.

6 thoughts on “Interactive Maps

  • Susan Potts-Bury says:

    Hello, I hope you can help me find a road in Liverpool that my Aunt lived in a Prefab in 7 KILVEY ROAD. FAZAKERLEY. LIVERPOOL. 9. It was one of the last prefabs to survive and I remember that it seemed to be like a Tardis inside. My Cousin gave me this address but I can’t find it anywhere.

      • Susan Potts-Bury says:

        Thank you Martin for your help. The prefabs could well have been where you suggest as my cousin who lived in one with his parents said that he knows the road where they lived was just off the Longmoor Road. I suppose because the prefabs were only meant to be temporary so the road names weren’t noted down.
        Grateful Thanks.

    • The road has gone but the area of the prefabs on the lefthand side of Longmoor Lane going towards Kirkby. They have built a Co op on the site of Kilvey Road. I used to live there.

    • I’ve just seen the ordinance survey map posted by a chap called Martin. If you look at the map Kilvey Road was opposite the post office on the corner of Fifth Avenue. It formed a ‘T’ shape.

  • Louise Drinkwater says:

    I am seeking information on a specific address of 5 Kirkdale Road Liverpool around 1939. I am trying to establish if this address was an undertakers or a business address. I would be grateful for any information you can provide. Thanking you in advance.

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