Liverpool’s Historic Townships

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Liverpool’s suburbs

Historic Liverpool includes histories of Liverpool’s townships. From the Oxford English Dictionary, via Wikpedia:

In England, a township (Latin – villa) is a local division or district of a large parish containing a village or small town usually having its own church. A township may (or may not) be co-terminous with a chapelry, manor, or other minor area of local administration.

Liverpool’s historic townships were part of either Walton-on-the-Hill, Childwall, or Huyton, as described in the Victoria County History of Lancashire. These in turn were part of the Hundred of West Derby, one of six hundreds in Lancashire, reaching all the way to the Ribble around North Meols.

Click on one of the townships to find links to articles, or a more detailed map showing the protected sites and monuments in that area.

20 thoughts on “Liverpool’s Historic Townships

  • Liam Gravesend says:

    Some of these areas aren’t actually in Liverpool;

    #Hale is in Cheshire

    #Halewood and Huyton are part of Knowsley.

    # And Bootle and Aintree are in Sefton.

    • Hi Liam,

      You’re right, those areas are not within the modern boundary of Liverpool. I’ve chosen them because they’re all in the Victoria County History of Lancashire as townships in the Hundred of West Derby, and it seemed a good idea to include a few on the edge of the modern city which are related to Liverpool’s fortunes over the years.


    • Hi Susan,

      From what I can discern from searching online, Masefield Place still counts as part of Bootle, although it may also be considered by some people as Orrell Mount too. I’m not sure what the boundaries of this are, or if there are any specific for Orrell Mount.


  • We are looking for a photograph of Martins Bank, 168, Allerton Road, Liverpool for the Martins Bank website and wonder if anyone has a copy which they would permit us to use subject to the appropriate recognition being given?

  • Hello there! I am looking for any information on the history of gggrandfather Captain John McNab….the 1881 census says that was living at 3 Furness Street, Kirkdale Livepool, with his wife Martha and their daughter Jane..I am wondering if there is any history/stories of him as a Captain? This particular side of my family is a very big mystery and more then 12 of us have not found anything on him. Would you be able to help me with this.? Me as well as many family would be very grateful! Thank you in advance 🙂

  • Hello, I live in Melbourne, Australia and I’m writing a memoir based on women from Liverpool. I’m a descendant of Thomas Taylor (carter then grocer)DOB 29/7/1827 & Elizabeth Finch of Everton, and his son James Alfred Taylor DOB 31/3/1866 (grocer) & Margaret Halstead Ashworth (reputed to be educated and artistic) both from Carisbrook Rd Walton, later of Ferndale Road, Hoylake.
    I’m interested in hearing from anyone who is descended from or knows of James and Margaret, or his children: Ethel Finch m. Williams, Alfred Taylor, Dorothy m. Moffat, Madge/Morfory m. Williams.

    Are any of the Taylors still in the grocery business? What happened to James Taylor’s sons to make them leave? James remarried in 1911/12 after Margaret died: does anyone know about this?
    Does anyone know anything about Margaret Halstead Ashworth and her background?

  • Been looking for old photos or info of Adelaide St Everton. Next to Melbourne St. My Nan and Grandad and family lived there before moving between wars to the new Norris Green where I was born.
    It was to Adelaide St that news was sent of my great uncle’s death in 1917 in France. I visited his grave in Mauberge a few years ago. Family’s name was Lee. My great uncle William Lee.

  • Has anyone got any info on the Richards family? My great grandfather (Lewis Richards) moved from Llwyngwiril in North Wales to Liverpool, presumably to get work & my grandmother Ann Richards, was born in Liverpool in 1903. She married Ernest
    Boumphrey (also from Liverpool) in 1927. They lived at 56 Pickwick St, Toxteth in 1928, in approximately 1929 they moved to 78 Dorrit St then I think, to Upper Parliament St, then to 71 Park View Roby in 1935. They attended St Nicholas Church. They moved to Glasgow in 1938. I would be very interested to find out any info I can, eg if the houses they lived in are still there & if anyone can tell me how I can find out the house number in Upper Parliament St where they lived & if it was a house or flat?

  • Hi Jackie,

    House numbers should be on the census records. When you say you think they moved to Upper Parliament Street, which source tells you that? Does it help you cross reference with the census?


  • See what you mean about Adelaide St! One of the other photos is of Major Lester school. My mum may well be in that class,fits with her age. Florence Margaret Lee.

  • Hi Sandra. Are you the Sandra Odogu who knows Deirdre Morley? If so can you send her your address/phone number? As she lost them some years back and wants to say hello and thanks for all the Christmas cards!

  • Wendy Roberts says:

    My grandmother Cecilia Gertrude Batterham née Robinson lived at 69 Pensonby st Liverpool can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  • Colin Morley says:

    My great grandfather (John Albert Houldin) lived at Houldin’s Court Tranmere in 1871. Surrounding names include Foundry Road, Thomas Court, Queens Court and Randall Street.
    I’m seeking info as to the location which probably was redeveloped long ago.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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