Mapping the history of Liverpool

Old maps, interactive maps, and the historic landscape of Liverpool

Explore Liverpool history, discover what your ancestors’ neighbourhoods were like, and buy a map print or Liverpool history book.

Liverpool History Shop

Almost all the old maps on this site can be bought as high quality prints, great for framing, and as a present!

There’s also the book – Liverpool: a landscape history, also available to buy from this website.

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Old Maps of Liverpool

These old maps of Liverpool let you zoom and pan around the city from different periods. There are many versions, from the 19th century onwards.

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Interactive maps

Interactive maps are modern maps marked with data from official sources like Historic England, or from personal research. Click on a feature and find out more!

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Liverpool History Blog

Occasionally I like to talk about recent developments that involve Liverpool’s historic landscape, from book reviews to comments on upcoming architectural projects. They’re all collected here.

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Old Map Shop

If you like the maps on this website, how about treating yourself or a loved one to a high quality print? I’ve also written a book, and you can buy signed copies.

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Recent posts from the blog

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Latest book reviews

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Book cover of Liverpool, by Hugh Hollinghurst Liverpool: unique images from the archive of Historic England Historic England are the government's adviser on the historic environment, so they have a duty to encourage the enjoyment of… Read more

Articles on old maps

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    Congratulations on an excellent site. I admire all the work you’ve evidently put in. I wish I had such application!
    I wasn’t able to follow the link to your shop, it kept bringing back to the same page. I hope this is a temporary issue.
    Best wishes,
    Tinho da Cruz,

    • Martin says:

      Hi Tinho,

      Thanks so much for your comments. Yes, the shop issue was temporary – I went away so shut the shop down, but forgot to remove the extra links! It’s back up and running now, with new stuff to be added soon as well.


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