Mapping the history of Liverpool

Old maps, interactive maps, and the historic landscape of Liverpool

Explore Liverpool archaeology, discover the Liverpool your ancestors knew, and find out about your own area of the city

Liverpool History Shop

Almost all the old maps on this site can be bought as high quality prints, great for framing, and as a present!

There’s also the book – Liverpool: a landscape history, also available to buy from this website.

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Interactive maps

Some maps to help you dive into Liverpool’s history.

  • Explore the suburbs and historic townships
  • Search for the long-gone old streets of Liverpool where your ancestors lived
  • Look up churches, parishes, listed buildings and more

Historic Suburbs

Explore the local histories of the ‘townships’, as well as the centre of Liverpool itself.

Read township histories

Historic Parishes (1851)

All the parishes in the Liverpool area and slightly beyond, as they were in 1851. There are also some Anglican churches from the era.

You can see details about when they were built (and demolished) where that information is known.

Find old parishes

Old Streets of Liverpool

The streets of Liverpool within the boundary of Queens Drive, as they were before vast swathes were demolished in the 20th century.

You can search for a road using the box in the top left of the map.

Locate an old street

Listed Buildings

All of Liverpool’s most important architecture, with a search tool to boot.

Data comes from Historic England, the government body responsible for protecting the Listed Buildings in England.

Search listed buildings

Natural landscapes

Liverpool’s history is founded upon millions of years of natural landscapes.

The Mersey is only the most famous of a series of geological and water features, all of which contribute something to the historic landscape.

Discover natural landscapes

Historic Sites in Liverpool

This map shows some of the landmarks and places that I’ve written about on this site.

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