Mapping the history of Liverpool

Welcome to the site which lets you explore old maps of Liverpool, find out more about the historic features in your back yard, and take away a souvenir of Liverpool's past!

Old Maps of Liverpool

There are a growing number of interactive maps, reproductions of maps of Merseyside from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. You can zoom in to see great detail, and buy a copy for yourself, or a fellow Liverpool lover!

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History Map

The main attraction on Historic Liverpool is the History Map.

This interactive and zoomable map lets you zoom in to your chosen place and see all the places of interest. You'll see hidden bits of history that you might never have noticed, or an old stone monument you may always have wondered about.

There is everything from prehistoric footprints on Formby beach to the courthouse in West Derby village. I'm always adding new things to this map, so jump in!

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The Historic Liverpool Blog

The Historic Liverpool blog is where you can find an assortment of posts which don't fall in to the other categories that you'll see around this site. There are book reviews, events, and other little historic details which are there in Liverpool's historic landscape for you to find.

Feel free to comment or ask questions, and I'll see what I can do to help!


Breathing Spaces, or A Sense of Placed

My interest in landscape is not just restricted to history and archaeology. I’m just as interested in the modern urban landscape (of Liverpool in the case of this blog), because it’s the product of everything that went before. Archaeologists recognise the ‘layers’ of landscape development as truly as they see the ordered layers in the […]

Liverpool: unique images from the archive of Historic England

Historic England are the government’s adviser on the historic environment, so they have a duty to encourage the enjoyment of England’s history. Part of this remit is to manage the Historic England Archive, from which a new series of books takes its content. The volume I review here is, you’ll be shocked to learn, Liverpool. […]

The City and the City and the Liverpool Landscape

This website is all about the historic landscape. It’s about how the landscape shapes what happens in the city, and it’s about the landscapes that we invent by living in it. Just think of the ‘Knowledge Quarter’ and the ‘Cavern Quarter’. Though they’re sickly marketing-gimmick names they do acknowledge some of the character that certain […]

Queensway Tunnel tour – Going underground in Liverpool history, part II

The thing which inspired this website from the outset was the huge number of historic features in Liverpool that we take for granted every day. The Queensway Tunnel is one of them. Thousands of people use it every day to commute between Liverpool and Birkenhead. It’s part of the furniture. And yet it’s easy to […]

The Beatles’ Landmarks in Liverpool, by Daniel K. Longman

A lot of local history revolves around nostalgia: people’s memories of 50 years ago are filled with family, friends, making-do and getting by, as well as reconnecting with old communities on new digital forums (including this one!). Being a mere whippersnapper, I’m not often caught up in this, with a couple of exceptions. I grew […]

A traveller to the Pool

The town grew up around a ‘dark pool’, from which is took its name. The pool flowed into a wide river which would one day be famous across the globe, almost synonymous with the town. The river in turn empties into the Irish Sea, for a long time an important trading route both east-west and […]