Parkside Drive – a West Derby bypass?

Plans were once put together to make West Derby a more peaceful village. Only a few clues now remain to those plans.

Martin’s Note: I’m indebted to the West Derby Society again for revealing this feature (more…)

Teagle (crane) at 11 Dale Street

In the Victorian period Liverpool was Britain’s second greatest port (London being the first), and there are hundreds of remnants of Liverpool’s trading golden age dotted around the landscape.

We’re (more…)

Springfield Park Prescot Road entrance

The recent rebuilding of Alder Hey Hospital has drawn my attention to Springfield Park in a bigger way than for many years. The scale of the changes took me by surprise, and though I love the new building (more…)

Hartley Quay Dock Railway

As the Liverpool Docks expanded along the Mersey, they came face to face with a challenge which other cities did not: ships docked further and further from the central business district. Places like Manchester (more…)

Sanctuary Stone, Castle Street

There are all sorts of stories associated with the Sanctuary Stone. Its name conjures up anything from slave-related scenes to cheeky apple snatching medieval urchins. You might never see the same story (more…)

St George’s Dock road sign

Liverpool, as a city, is master of reinventing itself, and re-using parts of its landscape when priorities (and economics) change. The Pier Head area is perhaps the greatest example of this, not least (more…)

Church Street Cross

The Church Street cross is a brass maltese cross which can be seen at the entrance to the passage through to School Lane, in front of what was HMV. The plaque stands at the position of the altar inside (more…)

Williamson Tunnels

The Williamson Tunnels are the maze-like remains of the work of Joseph Williamson under the streets of east central Liverpool (see map, left), constructed in the early part of the 19th Century. Williamson (more…)