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Illustrated London News View of Liverpool from the Mersey (1865)

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This old map of Liverpool was originally given away with a newspaper supplement! It’s an incredibly detailed engraving of Liverpool in two halves.

The style lies somewhere between the stylistic Ackermann’s Panorama and the subtle brushstrokes of Isaac’s bird’s eye view from 1859. The docks are busy with ships moving in and out, and the river teems with commerce. The quaysides themselves are stacked with goods, from timber to cotton bundles, and dockworkers wander back and forth.

It’s an image of Liverpool in action, with smoke coming from chimneys across the city and windmills turning in the wind right up into the hills. Traffic throngs the Strand, with horse-drawn carts and steam locomotives sharing the thoroughfare.

Parts of central Liverpool are depicted at a time since when they’ve changed immeasurably. Lime Street station has its original frontage, before the North Western hotel was built. St John’s church stands in grounds behind St George’s Hall, and the Museum of Liverpool (now the World Museum) is shown with its plinth, before the steps were installed.

Print of old map of Liverpool

This is a beautiful piece of art in its own right. The size of the print makes it a wonderful object to hang in your home, and the high quality of the paper makes it perfect for framing.

This item, and other maps of Liverpool just like it, are available to preview as high resolution interactive maps on the website Historic Liverpool.

Note that the images on this page don’t give a great impression of just how good this map is, because the imagery has been compressed. This is a high definition print of a large digital file.

A map of two halves

The original of this map shows two sections of panorama:

  • North: from the rural area north of Kirkdale, to the south end of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.
  • South:from St Paul’s square, through the town centre to the hills and churches of Toxteth Park.

You can order the full map, or just one of the halves.

The bottom inscription of ‘LIVERPOOL’ will be printed at the bottom of both ‘half’ maps. So if you order only the North half then you will still get the city name.

The half maps are both 120cm x 50cm, so can be bought as a matching pair.

You can also order the full map at two sizes:-

  • 120cm x 95cm (Large, closer to the original size. May take longer to deliver.)
  • 60cm x 47cm (Standard, similar to my other old maps)

If you want maximum detail, you can’t beat the full sized print, but the smaller print still look wonderful.


  • High resolution mapping – hugely detailed!
  • Beautiful Victorian workmanship
  • Printed on weighty archival paper

Whether as a gift for a loved one, or to treat yourself to something for hanging in the study, this map is a fascinating piece of history you’ll want to study again and again!

A View of Victorian Liverpool

Details of the map print Illustrated London News View of Liverpool from the Mersey (1865)

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