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Listed Buildings

This is a simple map of Listed Buildings in Liverpool and Merseyside.

The region is proud of its heritage and makes claims to having more Georgian listed buildings than Bath.

Whatever the case, there is a huge number of protected buildings in Liverpool and the surrounding area. No doubt there are some where you live, that perhaps you didn’t know about.

You can now browse this map at your leisure to see where your nearest listed building is. It could even help you protect the historic character of your area, and monitor proposed developments in sensitive areas.

Every part of Liverpool has more than a handful of listed buildings, so have a look around!

Click on any point on the map and you can carry on through to the official Historic England page about that listing. Historic England are responsible for maintaining the list, and helping people conserve any of the buildings on it. See this example of the Liver Building on the Historic England list.

Note: the data comes from Historic England’s data download service, which has more than just listed buildings available for download.

Images: the photos of the listed buildings come from Historic England’s Images of England project. This was a project to get volunteers to photograph every listed building in England up to the year 2000. As such, any building listed after that year (and other buildings besides) will not have a photograph.