Hidden History

Although I’m usually most interested in landscapes, and the ways in which groups of historic features fit together, isolated hidden clues to Liverpool’s history are also fun.

In fact, the moment that inspired this whole site was a tale of a Liverpool tour guide telling a rapt school group (teachers too!) about the Sanctuary Stone. And while I’ve expanded this site’s remit, I still want to share those interesting remnants in Liverpool’s historic landscape that sit alone, often unnoticed.

Input from you

If you’ve ever noticed a funny little wall in a modern part of town, or a an odd paving stone with some detail on it, I’d love to hear from you. I’ll see if I can find what it was once part of, and how it fits into the wider history of Liverpool.

Of course, if you know exactly why there’s a little bit of tiling from an old shop front in a car park, or a little red brick building among glass frontages, all the better. Just head down to the comments section or Contact Me and I’ll add it in – with full credit given of course!

I want this page to be the best evidence that fragments of Liverpool history are all around us – even if we don’t see them!

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