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S. Mary’s Well, Allerton

This holy well is referred to in the following terms in the Chartulary of Cockersand Abbey:-

Grant in frankalmoign from Robert, son of Richard de Allerton, to God and St. Werburgh of Warburton and the canons there with the consent of Gilbert, son of Robert de Allerton, of three acres of land in Allerton with the toft between Twiss and St. Mary’s Well, next to four acres which Richard, son of Robert, son of Henry…. [S.D. c. 1240-1250]

Allerton is distant about three-quarters of a mile in a south-westerly direction from Much Woolton. So far, I have been unable to discover any traces of the well, but the words “Spring Wood” occur on the map close to Allerton Hall.

The following deed from the Chartulary of Cockersand Abbey may refer to some of the crosses in this district:-

Grant in frankalmoign from Richard de Allerton, to God and St Werburgh of Warburton, of four acres of land in Allerton with the toft upon Brook-Carr, from a certain Twiss going down the syke to a cross and so westward to another cross…. [S.D. c. 1240-1250]

Skeat describes the word Twiss as used of the place where two streams meet.

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