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‘On the Waterfront’ conference addresses heritage in a fading port

A conference currently taking place in Liverpool is the first of a series to look at the problems facing ports where heritage is often at odds with the needs of development in a city past its shipping heyday.

The three day event, On the Waterfront, sees speakers such as English Heritage’s Chief Exec Simon Thurley, as well as its former chairman Sir Neil Cossons, and Culture Company international director Sir Bob Scott.

Organiser Louise O’Brien stressed that “It’s not a conference about Liverpool“, and indeed future hosts of the conference include Shanghai, Lagos, Niagara, Gdansk, and next year’s hosts Marseilles. She is part of the Historic Environment of Liverpool project, a partnership between various Liverpool organisations and English Heritage which is coming to a close, and hopes to draw together the issues that have been discovered, and the common factors threatening the historic cores of world ports. O’Brien stresses that, although there have been a number of regeneration conferences this year, this is the first to put heritage at the core.

Today is the last day fo the conference.

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    […] This week the … Mail (will not be published) (required) Website. XHTML: You can use these tags: Liverpool Landscapes On the Waterfront' conference …The three day event, On the Waterfront, sees speakers such as English Heritage's Chief Exec Simon […]

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