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History Map

This is a gazetteer of all the historic features of Liverpool and the wider region that can be found on the Historic Liverpool website.

Click on a spot to see a name and brief description, and if there’s more information available a link will take you through to a longer article.

2 responses to “History Map”

  1. William Leece says:

    Marvellous site, and as good a reason as I’ve come across for wasting time constructively!
    I’ve spotted a couple of minor errors that you might want to correct, though. Firstly, it’s Princes Avenue/Road/Boulevard in L8, not Princess. Secondly, the houses there are mid-Victorian rather than Georgian – the expansion of the city to the south of Upper Parliament Street and east of Mill Street seems to have paused for for several years before resuming in the 1850s and 60s. The road from what is now the Rialto to Princes Park (ie Princes Avenue etc) was laid out in the 1840s, but its character looks to have been semi-rural in the early days.

    Thanks once again.

    • Thanks William, I shall make those changes shortly! Don’t know how I called it Princess, when I know it’s Princes, and also thankful for you pointing out the dates of those houses, which I didn’t know!

      And thanks for your kind comments on the site – if you love to spend time here then I shall not consider it wasted! 🙂

      Best wishes,

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