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Culture attendance record, plans past 2008 and other developments in Liverpool

Phil Redmond and Bryan Gray have this week outlined their vision for the future of the Liverpool Culture Company. The legacy for the city beyond 2008 should be more than just about the arts, the pair claim. Social issues and the environment should also play a part, and both Mr Gray and Mr Redmond hope to bring a large number of their contacts in to contribute. Mr Gray gave examples of the inspiration behind cultural plans for the years ahead. He said: “Why do we have all these theatres but not one world-class theatre? It will not happen by three theatres having separate development plans.”

On a related note, those who know about these things have suggested that the number of people to attend a cultural event this year will top 10 million. More than a million people have already been to such events since the Capital year was officially opened in January. Liverpool City Council claimed that the figure was roughly double the combined attendance at Anfield and Goodison since the start of 2008.

Developments Elsewhere:
New pictures illustrate plans for the re-vamped St. John’s shopping centre.
Lime Street’s Concourse House is finally to disappear, to the apparent glee of everybody. The shops in front of Lime Street Station’s famous facade have been vacated, and the area will be graced with a public space with trees and pedestrian access. Demolition of Concourse House is to begin within two months, culminating in the creation of a panorama suitable to greet the myriad visitors this city receives each year.
Other demolitions have are attracting less welcome from the locals. The community group responsible for ‘Better Environmental Vision for Edge Lane’s proposals’ or Bevel Plan B, have been branded unrepresentative of the community at large, without membership fees, list of members or formal meetings. Elizabeth Pascoe, leader of Bevel, vowed to seek a judicial review if the inquiry upholds the Compulsory Purchase Order.

Follow-up: After postcards of Birkenhead Park were put on display in the park’s pavilion, the Grade I listed site has been awarded the green flag, a national standard for excellence.

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