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There are thousands of websites out there on the history of Liverpool. There are still others which are of interest to Historic Liverpool readers, and I bring them together here when I find them. They may have a history element, or maps and photos.

Interesting Liverpool history links

Photograph of Liverpool Cathedral in 1944 and 2017

After all the kerfuffle and bluster of recent posts, I thought it would be nice to share a few more light topics, i.e. great sites for Liverpool history buffs like yourselves. Journeys in 1955 I can’t (more…)

Liverpool history sites of interest

An architectural model of Liverpool produced in the middle of the 20th century

This post marks a new era for Historic Liverpool, as I’m closing down my venerable Liverpool Landscapes blog after just under 10 years, and moving all the posts here, to the main Historic Liverpool website. (more…)

A compendium of Liverpool history compendia

Screenshot of interactive map of building ages

In this post I’ve collected together a few articles and pages which delve a little deeper into aspects of Liverpool history. They’re either longer, detailed articles about one topic, or they bring together (more…)

Liver Birds, Imaginary Cities, and Open Doors

There’s all sorts popping up around the Internet recently for those of a landscape persuasion. From the dozens of liver birds dotting the streets, to poking around inside old buildings, there’s something (more…)

Whatever the Risks, it’s people that keep history alive

This week we get an updated list of the heritage at risk on Merseyside, see a unique perspective on how Liverpool has changed over the last few decades, plus some personal points of view on Liverpool and (more…)

Liverpool Underground: tunnels, digs and docks

Map from 1885 centred on the Calder Stones, Liverpool

Today we’re stepping way back into Liverpool’s history, and also seeing how it can tell us something about the city of today. Going Underground: I’m a big fan of urban explorers – those daredevils who (more…)

Liverpool’s decline, it’s resurgence and it’s celebration

Some of Liverpool’s most fascinating history comes out of its darkest days, and to look back on it summons feelings of fascination, astonishment, but maybe even a little nostalgia for ‘simpler’ times. (more…)

The riverside, high rises and shopping centres – old landscapes of Liverpool

Map of Liverpool from 1803

Liverpool Landscapes is all about the discovery of Merseyside’s historic landscape. This week we take a look at photographic, video, text and map evidence for what once made up the city of Liverpool. Colin (more…)

Cornucopia of historical treasures: maps, talks, Ged Fagan and Peter Ellis

Happy New Year! Well, by the time you read this we’ll be well into 2015, but it seems the right thing to say, as I’m planning to reinvigorate Liverpool Landscapes, which has gone a bit quiet over the (more…)

The Liverpool History Geek’s Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again, so what better way to beat the winter blues than to treat yourself to the stuff below. Of course, you could also buy something for the historian in your life, but who’s (more…)

Liverpool from above and around

This week (fortnight?) I’m looking at the historic city of Liverpool from above, and from raised perspectives both literal and metaphorical. Firstly, A Sense of Place gets a full-on two-part exploration (more…)

Lost Liverpool, photos and maps

This week I’m exploring the hidden side of Liverpool history, as well as passing on some maps which may change the way you look at the world. HUNT! Liverpool have been on the prowl again. Although I’ve (more…)

Museums, World Heritage and Woolton in Bloom

In the news this week, English Heritage are continuing efforts to protect the historic environment, while a local resident of Woolton is playing her own role. David Fleming talks about Liverpool’s World (more…)

The Changing Liverpool Landscape

This week’s round-up looks at a project to rediscover Liverpool’s royal past, a couple of articles worried about Liverpool’s planning future, and an old building goes back to its roots. First off, a recently-started (more…)

Top Liverpool Links, 30th September 2013

It’s time for another round-up of interesting Liverpool history sites and pages I’ve come across recently. I’ve also a few news stories to share, but first of all, some old photos and videos. Earle Street (more…)

Liverpool and other city landscapes

This blog, as well as Historic Liverpool (and *ahem* the book!) is all about the historic landscape. It’s about the shape of the city, its growth, and what it’s like to live, work and play in it. So, this (more…)

Latest Liverpool Stories

The word ‘blog’ is short for ‘weblog’, a log of interesting sites you’ve come across, and which you want to share with your readers. So, in the first of an attempt at a regular feature, here are some stories (more…)

OpenPlaques in Liverpool

Black plaque marking the location of High Street, Liverpool, one of the original seven streets of the town

A project to map all the blue plaques in Britain has had a recent surge of additions to its Liverpool collection. OpenPlaques is a project to “collect and open up data about plaques and the people they (more…)

New mapping websites for Liverpool history and beyond

View from across Scotland Road, by SomeDriftwood via Flickr If you follow me on Twitter you’ll already know that I’m currently (more…)

Liverpool: a port of world significance

Liverpool: a port of world significance, on ViewFinder There are many sources of information we can use to investigate (more…)

National Archives UK Photo Finder

Cunard and Liverpool Buildings, Liverpool, Lancs., from UK Photo Finder The National Archives have produced UK Photo Finder, (more…)

Some historical entertainments

The mysterious town of Argleton, as a paper Google might have seen it, by Nefi via Flickr I did recently promise some more (more…)

A quick news roundup of Liverpool history

Sugar Silo & Conveyor, Huskisson Dock, Liverpool, by David Barrie via Flickr Hello! It looks like my hopes for getting (more…)

Web Sites for Local History

Queen Avenue, off Castle Street, by M D Greaney Over the past few weeks I’ve come across a handful of very interesting (more…)

Liverpool Blogs, an exhibition, and more of interest from the LHS

Liver Building 2, by gloskeith (Creative Commons via Flickr) I’d like to start this post with a kind of ‘metablog’. I would (more…)

Liverpool History Society Questions online

Some very interesting bits from the Net recently: Liverpool History Society Questions is a blog I always watch – readers ask questions and (more often than not) Rob Ainsworth of Liverpool History Society (more…)

I saw three (or more) ships…

Mersey Ferry Snowdrop turning into Pier Head, by Boilerbill via Wikipedia I’m currently doing a little bit of research for the (more…)

75th Anniversary of Queensway Tunnel

Coat of arms above the Queensway Tunnel, Liverpool. By Alli’ Cat’ (from Flickr) This weekend was the 75th anniversary of the opening (more…)

Liverpool photographs on ViewFinder

The Homepage of the ViewFinder website from the NMR I’ve known about this site for a while. OK, I admit it, I worked on the project (more…)

Access to Historic Liverpool data

In the spirit of free exchange of data, I’ve been looking into methods of sharing the data which I produce as part of the Historic Liverpool website. Although still a relatively low number, I will be producing (more…)

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