Some articles don’t come easily under other categories. These could be comments on the news, thoughts about other cities and archaeological sites, or reports from a conference or lecture I’ve been to.

Heritage in a tough climate – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

This and That, by neill.shenton via Flickr I can’t help feeling mixed emotions about recent developments for Liverpool’s (more…)

Liverpool Echo show first glimpse inside Mann Island shards

Another Graceful View, by Max/マックス via Flickr It’s nearly here. You don’t like it, I don’t like it, but the controversial Mann (more…)

Advice for Historic Areas Conservation

Liverpool Waterfront, by adebⓞnd, via Flickr There’s a lot of bits of interest dotted around the place at the moment, so (more…)

How Merseyside’s Historic Landscape Helps During the Snow

Northwich Salt Factories (part 1), by DaveAdams via Flickr The local landscape is playing a major part in snowy events (more…)

Liverpool’s Redundant Buildings (or, What future for Stanley Dock and friends?)

Stanley Dock, by Tim.Edwards, via Flickr There has been a certain amount of interest in my post on re-using Liverpool’s (more…)

Conservation Areas – Conservation Bulletin

West Derby is one of nearly 40 Conservation Areas in Liverpool. West Derby 2, by Mrs Magic via Flickr Every month or so (more…)

Exclusivity: which parts of the city are Yours?

Quiggins Brooke Cafe, by Indigo Goat via Flickr Nina Simon, a museum blogger I greatly admire and enjoy reading, recently posted (more…)

Uses for Liverpool’s Listed Buildings

The Observer reports on a survey by McBains Cooper which suggests that giving Grand Designs-like makeovers to Britain’s vacant listed buildings could help with the shortfall of up 1 million homes. The (more…)

Liverpool ‘one of the earliest seaside resorts’

Researchers from the University of Liverpool have found diary references to ‘bathing wagons’ and other leisure activities taking place in the growing town from as long ago as the 1750s, much earlier than (more…)

Leave! Before it’s too late!

Although according to one report, it already is too late. Policy Exchange, a ‘right-of-centre’ Think Tank have branded Liverpool (among others) as beyond help. All the regeneration efforts are wasting (more…)

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