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Queensway Tunnel tour – Going underground in Liverpool history, part II

The thing which inspired this website from the outset was the huge number of historic features in Liverpool that we take for granted every day. The Queensway Tunnel is one of them. Thousands of people (more…)

A traveller to the Pool

The town grew up around a ‘dark pool’, from which is took its name. The pool flowed into a wide river which would one day be famous across the globe, almost synonymous with the town. The river in turn (more…)

Liverpool in 1984: first hand history

Photograph of the dragon slide at the International Garden Festival, Liverpool, 1984

Ever had that feeling where you wish someone at the time had taken photos? Imagine the Victorian wealth of knowledge we’d have if even more people had hopped on the photography bandwagon! And sometimes, (more…)

Accents, buses and lost architecture

Photograph of the Oratory at Liveprool Anglical Cathedral

I’ve got another bunch of links for you today. I’m still catching up with my saved sites, so some of these pages have been around a while. Even if you’ve seen them before, I hope you enjoy revisiting them (more…)

The Williamson Tunnels – Going underground in Liverpool history, part I

Photograph of Joseph Williamson's House

Last week was one of my history-indulgent weeks on Merseyside. One where I catch up on the ever-changing town centre (it’s still changing), check that my book’s still on the shelves of Waterstone’s (it’s (more…)

Neolithic Anglesey and the Merseyside connection – a trip with the NSG

Photo of the entrance Bryn Celli Ddu burial chamber

Anglesey and North Wales are very close to Liverpool hearts. Countless Welsh builders helped create some of our inner suburbs in distinctive yellow brick, and the red bricks of the University are Welsh (more…)

Spirits of Place: Where historic landscapes collide (with folklore and fiction)

Photograph John Reppion and Ramsey Campbell at Spirits of Place

There’s nothing like a gathering of like minds to get the keyboard fingers itching to put down a few words! And this past Saturday (2nd April, 2016), the Spirits of Place symposium held at the Calderstones (more…)

Who’d be a Scouser?

Are you proud to be a Scouser? Are you relieved not to be a Scouser? Which is right? I’ve recently started reading Candles, Carts & Carbolic: a Liverpool childhood between the Wars by J. Callaghan, (more…)

We’re all living future memories of historic Liverpool

Memories are liberally scattered around this week’s links. Photos of life in Liverpool, plus revealing the hidden corners of the city, and life on the Home Front. Cobbles on the Albert Dock: Bobby Bell (more…)

The Liverpool History Geek’s Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again, so what better way to beat the winter blues than to treat yourself to the stuff below. Of course, you could also buy something for the historian in your life, but who’s (more…)

Zen and the Art of Heritage Protection

Heritage Protection is a controversial field at the best of times. There are almost as many different opinions on a given listing, say, as there are people offering said opinions. It’s difficult for the (more…)

Refurbishing old buildings in the historic landscape

English Heritage have released a new volume of their ‘Constructive Conservation’ series, this one entitled Sustainable Growth for Historic Places. It’s all about the benefits of re-using historic buildings (more…)

Peel Waters and the New Liverpool Landscape

As you’ll no doubt be aware, the planning application for Peel Waters was recently waved through by Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, and there will be no public enquiry. (more…)

Mr. John Dewsnap and the teaching of history

This morning, the funeral of Mr. John Dewsnap took place. He was my teacher in year 6 of primary school at Blackmoor Park in West Derby (c.1992-3), and was an inspiration. It might not be too far fetched (more…)

Toxteth – Some distant childhood memories.

The following blog post is a bit of a departure from the normal round of news or analysis. I was approached by Derek Tunnington who was born in Leeds but grew up in Toxteth, and has many memories of his (more…)

Churches, and Rural Landscapes in Urban Liverpool

Detail of Penny Lane Anglican Church 2, by dkwonsh via Flickr

This article was inspired by Celia Heritage’s recent article on parish churches. Her love of churches, in terms of history, began through researching family history and looking for ancestors’ gravestones. What (more…)

7 ways in which Liverpool *is* the Museum of Liverpool

Photograph of the monument to Edward VII outside the Museum of Liverpool

The new Museum of Liverpool opens this week, to great fanfare and after what seems like a long wait. ‘Museum of Liverpool’ is a very fitting name too, because this is a museum about the city, and

Toxteth – redressing the balance

Photograph of St. James's Church, Toxteth, by SPDP

July 2011 marked 30 years since the violence in Toxteth which would hang a cloud over the suburb of Liverpool for decades, at least in the eyes of the public at large. It came to symbolise the economic (more…)

Liverpool Heroes 4: Jesse Hartley

Photograph of the Blue Plaque dedicated to Jesse Hartley

Continuing our look at the men and women who have had the greatest impact on the Liverpool landscape, this time we examine the work of Jesse Hartley, dock engineer. Jesse Hartley (1780-1860) is best (more…)

Liverpool Heroes 3: Vikings in Liverpool

Photograph of a Viking longboat, taking during the 600th anniversary of the foundation of Liverpool

OK, so perhaps the Norse are as far from the ‘Liverpool Radicals’ we have in mind in 2011 as it’s possible to get. They’re distant in time, left little visible trace in our city, and went about changing (more…)

International Women’s Day – Liverpool Heroes 2: Kitty Wilkinson

Today is International Women’s Day, and to mark the occasion this edition of the ‘Liverpool Heroes’ series (see the last post’s coverage of J.A. Brodie) discusses a remarkable women whose effects on Liverpool (more…)

Liverpool Heroes 1: John Alexander Brodie, City Engineer

Building the East Lancs Road, by Mr Robert Wade via Flickr In writing about the historic landscape of Liverpool, it’s often (more…)

Liverpool’s Radicals

Robert Tressell Banner, made for the Robert Tressell Society (from Wikimedia) The theme for 2011 in Liverpool could be (more…)

The 2011 Census: History and Research for Liverpool (or, Why fill in the census? A historian’s perspective)

20100626_Liverpool_views_013, by Friar's Balsam, via Flickr This year sees another census taking place across the United (more…)

Historic Liverpool 2010: A year in review

Liverpool Waterfront, by Ade Bond via Flickr It’s the end of 2010. It’s been an… interesting year politically – a coalition (more…)

Liverpool Central Village – a lesson from history?

Liverpool Central Village, development by Merepark This week the developer Merepark unveiled a slick video showing the (more…)

The British Side of Liverpool Cosmopolitanism

Welsh Presbyterian Church on Princes Road, Toxteth (Old Liverpool Church, by Exacta2a) Amongst the many things Liverpool is famous (more…)

Poor architecture, not heritage, is preventing investment in Liverpool

New development hand in hand with heritage, by Radar Communication via Flickr Council Leader Joe Anderson has

Black History Month and Liverpool

Carving at the entrance to Martin's Bank, Liverpool, by Gadgetgirl2007 via Flickr Black History Month is held in (more…)

Visible in Stone: women’s history and the built environment

Florence Nightingale Memorial, Princes Road, Liverpool by Benkid77 via Wikimedia English Heritage and London Metropolitan (more…)

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